56 April Blog Ideas | Plus Themed Days Infographic

56 Blog Ideas for April

April; The Month Of Practical Jokes, Spring and A Lot of Showers

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This post is dedicated to bringing you SEO Friendly Blog Ideas, for April. This month I have created an Info-graphic filled with themed days to base your content around;  so no matter what point in the month you are at, whether you are looking for some great content ideas or just some blogging inspiration, you can bookmark this post and get creating the perfect blog content.

There are some great themed days coming up for you to base your content on, such as PBJ Day where I will 100% be making these PBJ oats, as well as salted caramel popcorn day, April Fools, and of course we will be full into Spring; so there's loads of content to be written. 

I've broken the content ideas down into categories so you can easily find the perfect content for you!

If you are a health foodie like me, make sure to follow my Instagram where I post new recipes and food photography everyday!


  1. April 2nd Peanut Butter Jelly Day
  2. Share what you got this Easter
  3. Share your favorite Butter Jelly Dish for Peanut Butter Jelly Day
  4. Share your favorite Recipe with Garlic for Garlic Day
  5. Create Bugs Bunny Biscuits to Share for Bugs Bunny Days
  6. Your favorite Pastel themed foods (Spring Inspired)
  7. What you are giving Up for lent
  8. Share a variety of chocolate covered cashew flavours (chilli, orange)
  9. Your favorite English Muffin Toppings, for spring.
  10. Share a Burrito Recipe for Burrito Day
  11. Create an Eeyore inspired Birthday Cake for Eeyore Birthday
  12. Jelly Bean Day your favorite jelly bean products.
  13. Create chocolate coated pretzel animals and post a recipe for them

 Aspiration & Social Media

  1. Host a spring themed Social Media Giveaway
  2. Instagram Goal for the month & how you plan to achieve it
  3. Twitter Goal for the month & how you plan to achieve it
  4. Facebook Page Goal for the month & how you plan to achieve it
  5. Share a spring Pinterest Board
  6. Tutorial on a spring themed Instagram
  7. Share your current favorite social media apps-link to them.
  8. How to Create The Ultimate Spring Pinterest Board
  9. March Content Reflection
  10. Your top blog posts from January
  11. Your favorite Instagram Feeds from March


  1. First walk of spring
  2. Share a Photograph and Story of a Rainbow
  3. Share Elephant themed content for save the Elephant day-
  4. How to host the ultimate spring themed party
  5. Host a Spring Themed Giveaway
  6. Your Week In Pinhole Pictures
  7. # of Things you want to achieve Before Spring
  8. What you are most looking forward to about Spring
  9. How to Plan Blog Content
  10. Spring trends you are loving
  11. Pastel homeware pieces you need to get your home on trend


  1. Spring Makeup look
  2. Peach Makeup Products you need for Spring
  3. Your top spring blushers
  4. 3 Trending Makeup Products and Review
  5. Full face of new in this spring
  6. Spring skin care essential
  7. Glossy spring lip products you love
  8. Nude Eye shadows everyone needs for spring
  9. The waterproof mascaras that are hayfever proof
  10. 20 makeup items you love


  1. Top 10 Spring Fashion Pieces
  2. Fashion pieces and accessories featuring Elephants for Elephant day.
  3. New in Spring
  4. Lunch with friends
  5. Pastel Pieces for Spring
  6. New in florals
  7. 80’s Pieces that everyone needs to be wearing this spring.
  8. Maxi dresses you need on your radar.
  9. Your Top Party Outfit for World Party Day
  10. Top Denim Pieces In Your Wardrobe for World Denim Day
  11. The Top 20 Fashion Items in your Wardrobe
 Make Sure to send me the link if you give any of these blog posts a try as I would love to read them! Make sure to share this across social media to help anyone looking out for new blog inspiration!
Happy April!


April blog ideas, themed content, april content ideas, blog inspiration,
April blog ideas, themed content, april content ideas, blog inspiration,


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