February Blog Ideas

The Month of Love & Pancakes 

53 Blog Post Ideas to Kick Start Your February

Happy February! 
To mark the new month as always I have put together a guide full of Top Blog Titles to inspire your creativity and content for the month. If you haven't seen January's post, I will link it here incase there is anything over there you want to have a go at writing. 

February is the month of Valentines and Pancake day this year, so as we all want to optimise SEO theres loads of themed content titles in there. I didn't want to just include Valentines blog post ideas though, as I know not everyone want to jump on the holiday bandwagon, so I included a huge variety of ideas from different niches so there should be something for everyone!

Let me know if you write any of these posts! I'll make sure to have a read and leave a comment! 

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  • Your top 5 Pancake Toppings
  • The ultimate pancake recipe
  • Pancake Day Stories (Fails/Triumphs)
  • Valentines Movie Night Snack Ideas
  • Home cooked Valentines Meal
  • 3 Course Valentines Date Night
  • Your favorite Pink and Red themed foods (Valentines Inspired)
  • What you are giving Up for lent 
  • What I ate Wednesday
  • Valentines Inspired Cupcakes
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • How to do Pancake Day as a Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Savory Pancakes you've got to try

Aspiration & Social Media

  • Instagram Goal for the month & how you plan to achieve it 
  • Twitter Goal for the month & how you plan to achieve it 
  • Facebook Page Goal for the month & how you plan to achieve it 
  • Share one of your Pinterest Boards
  • How to edit your Instagram
  • Which Social Media Apps You Love
  • How to Create The Ultimate Valentines Pinterest Board
  • How to Create a Valentines Instagram Theme
  • January Reflection
  • February goals 
  • Your top # blog posts from January
  • The top # Instagram feeds you loved in January


  • Acts of Kindness Day
  • Fairy Tale Day
  • Your Week In Outfits 
  • Your Week In Pictures 
  • # of Things you want to achieve Before Spring
  • What you are most looking forward to about Spring 
  • How you stay motivated through the winter months
  • How you keep fit in winter
  • How to Plan Blog Content
  • Valentines Day Gift Guide 
  • Bridget Jones Valentines Party
  • How to Host your own Friends Film Night in 
  • # Alternative Valentines Date Ideas
  • How to spend Valentines with Friends


  • Valentines make up look
  • Red Lip Products you need for Valentines day
  • Pink Lip Products you need for Valentines day
  • 3 Make up Looks you need to try this Valentines
  • Sophisticated up do's for a date
  • The top 10 make up items in your bag


  • Fashion 
  • Valentines date night outfit
  • Lunch with friends outfit
  • 70's Fashion-New in
  • 90's fashion New in 
  • What you should wear on a first date
  • Your valentines nightmare + Look book
  • Your Most successful Valentines Date and Look
  • The top 10 Fashion Items in your wardrobe

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  1. I LOVE posts like this, they always give me a bit of inspiration and help fill up my blog schedule! I've missed out on the valentines look though, I wish I'd planned ahead for it!
    Alice Xx


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