January Blog Ideas

31  B L O G   P O S T   I D E A S  TO  K I C K   S T A R T   

Y O U R   B L O G   T H I S   N E W   Y E A R 

Its a new year, which means everyone is setting goals, starting afresh, and living their best life. We start afresh in all other areas of our lives so why not revamp your blog too?

After the chaos of  B L O G M A S and all the christmas festivities, finding inspiration for fresh content in January can be tough, BUT there is a whole host of posts you can write and admin you can do in January to get your blog off to the best possible start. 

Here are a variety of posts you can fall back on if you are struggling for inspiration, or feeling a little less creative this month-or any! 

Blog Posts 

Goals and Aspirations

1.New Year Goals
2.Your 2018 Bucket List
3.Your tips on getting organised for the year ahead
4.#...Things to do before Spring
5.Health Goals
6.Lifestyle Goals
7.Job Goals
8.Blog Goals 
9.Social Media Goals
10.How you Log Your Goals 
11.How you plan to Make your aspirations reality.


12.January Anti Haul
13.Your daily Routine
14.December favorites
15.Why you LOVE or HATE winter
16.How to Improve your Body Confidence This year
17.Share Your Favorite Recipes 
18.How You Plan to Loose/Gain/Maintain Weight


19.Winter Beauty Haul
20.Winter Beauty Favorites
21.Winter Pamper Night Essentials
22.How to Avoid Dry Skin
23.Best Products to Help Dry Lips 
24.Share the Beauty Products You got for Christmas. 


25.Winter Fashion Haul 
26.Winter Fashion Favorites
27.How to Style Boots
28.How To Style Your Favorite Coat
29.Winter Accessories You Need to Know
30. Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid this Year 
31.Your 2018 Fashion Icons

I hope this gives you some ideas for posts you can write this January. Send me any you write as I love reading new posts and having a nosy at what everyone is up to! Let me know your Blog Goals for 2018.


H A V E   Y O U   R E A D:




  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I needed inspiration - bookmarking this now X


  2. You've listed some great blog ideas here. Thank you for this.

  3. Such a great list! Saved it on pinterest! x

  4. This is a perfect list! I think it will be helpful to so many people!

  5. Again, another post I really needed! I'm so excited to start posting again this year and I'm planning on doing a lot more lifestyle posts :) x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  6. I totally needed this as I'm planning to branch out from beauty quite a bit this year, the fashion list has definitely given me some inspo for upcoming posts and I can't wait to get going :) excited to see what the new year brings from bloggers!
    Alice Xx

  7. So many wonderful ideas!!!!Thank you for sharing.

  8. I’m going to bookmark this! I really want to broaden my content this year and I love some of these ideas, best get drafting haha x

    Alice www.accordingtoalicex.com

  9. What a helpful list! Definitely might need some help this month since I’m all out of ideas!

  10. This is just what I needed! I was struggling to think of ideas, great list, thanks for sharing this xx

  11. Such a great post and I love the idea :)

  12. This is great! Not too long ago I was really struggling with new post ideas so it will definitely come in handy! Thank you.

    Julia xx

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