Blogmas Day 21:Seven Steps to the Perfect Pamper Night

B L O G M A S   D A Y   21: 

F E S T I V E   P A M P E R   N I G H T   E S S E N T I A L S 

Merry Blogmas Day 21! 

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With it being Friday tomorrow most people will be looking forward to a long weekend, for Christmas. The perfect way to start off the weekend is to sit in front of your favorite Vlogmas channel, or a festive film, and properly pamper yourself-run a bath, put on a face mask and light some candles. 

I have included a variety of the perfect pieces for a pamper night.


    1. Always start with lighting a candle, it just makes the room feel so cosy and warm, if you love a festive scent then I love the Bomb Cosmetics Mistletoe Kiss-But if you arent bothered then Yankee Candle Birthday Cake is divine. 
    2. Then its time to run a bath, Lush bath oils are always an essential and YOU'VE BEEN MANGOED-is my favorite. As well as the bath oil I'll add in a Bath Bomb or Bubbles, Dirty Works smell gorgeous and are the perfect size (also how cute is the packaging covered in stars!) . 
    3. Next its time to take off make up. Usually its good to get the majority off before getting in the bath so that your make up doesn't get into your pores. I initially use Bioderma and then go in with my Emma Hardy Moringa Cleansing Balm. I find using a hot wash helps to keep my skin totally clean and clear.
    4. Next I will apply a face mask, I have always loved a 7th Heaven Face Mask, so thats what I've included here but use which ever is your favorite brand.  
    5. Lay back and relax-Stick on Netflix, a Christmas Film, or Vlogmas and just enjoy not being at work or school. 
    6. Time to take your face-mask off and get out of the bath. 
    7. Put on your comfiest PJ's and Relax!


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