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For my first Blogmas post, I had to do my November favorites!

I've hit the shops in November and found some real gems; including a bargain pair of Kurt Geiger Boots, and Tanyas Christmas and Some Kind of Wonderful by Gi Fletcher which I bought with my sainsburys points! I've also been shopping my stash and bringing out some old faithfuls-Like my Urban Decay eye shadow palette, and my Cath Kidstone Mug.

I've included a real selection from Beauty to Books and Boots, and I hope you will enjoy reading about the products I've been loving throughout December! .

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B O O K S 
T A N Y A S    C H R I S T M A S

tanyas christmas, november favorites
The perfect book for when you have a few minutes to chill, and you just want to pick up a book to feel cosy and warm. Its filled with amazing recipes, and christmas ideas as well as being the perfect prop for festive flatlays. 

G I   F L E T CH E R S- S O M E   K I N D   O F   W O N D E R F U L 

Gi's books are so well written, with relatable characters and, warming plot lines. This book is all about finding yourself after coming out of a long term relationship, something I think anyone in their teens and early twenties can relate to. Its a time of life when you are trying to work out who you are where you belong. I'd definitely recommend this as a read to anyone this christmas.

H & M  H A I R   B O B B L E   B A U B L E
 Super cute packaging with adorable sparkly christmas bobbles for just £2 what more could you want in life?

C A T H  K I D S T O N E-  C H R I S T M A S   L O N D O N   S C E N E    M U  G 
 I got this in my stocking last year and I couldn't resist getting it out this November-I want to drag out christmas as long as I can. I am O B S E S S E D with London and Cath Kidstone so this is a favorite of mine always! I just think its perfect for festive hot chocolates!

L A N C O M E   H Y P N O S E- C H R I S T M A S   S E T

A black Friday bargain that I picked up for just £18. I've been loving Lancome mascaras for a couple of years now so to get four Hypnose mascaras in the cutest-most festive packaging there is was a no brainer for me! Currently I am loving the Classic Hypnose but I'm a sucker for them all.
T E D   B A K E R   L I P 

  A red Lip is essential for christmas and this is my favorite. I love it due to its moisturising long lasting formula. I tested this against my MUA matte lip- and it outlasted it by hours! Dont get me wrong I love my MUA lipstick but this one just outperforms it!

U R B A N   D E C A Y   D E L U X  S H A D O W  B O X 
A gift from my friend last birthday, I am LOVING this pallete so much! As you can see I always opt for the Bronze shades- and I have been complemented so many times at work I had to put this in. The formula lasts for so long, its super pigmented, and its fail proof to apply!

S L E E K   H I G H L I G H T   P A L E T T E

Back for another month is this coveted palette. Honestly, I dont know how I survived for so long without this! I cant say any more about it other than its fab you N E E D     TO    T R Y    I T. 

7TH   H E A V E N - F A C E    M A S K S 

Everyone needs a pamper once it gets to Autumn! The weather gets colder, my skin gets drier and less glowing by the day *S A D   T I M E S* These lovelies just revitalise sort out my skin and make me feel relaxed-I do love a face mask with a hot chocolate and a film when the evenings start drawing in. 
K U R T   G I E G E R  B O O T S 

My TKMAXX B A R G A I N. I got these boots for £39.99!! I honestly find them so comfortable and they are so cute. I love an fashion piece that puts a twist on a classic and these mix the current stud, and buckle trends with the classic black boot. 
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them <3

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my favorite products throughout November! Let me know one product that you loved in November, and one you cant wait to try in December! See you tomorrow for another B L O G M A S post! 

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  1. I'm so sad I didnt buy Tanyas Christmas earlier!! I need to get it asap!

  2. I really want the Tanya Christmas book! I love Tanya and Christmas so the two combined would definitely be a winner haha. Also been loving the Sleek Solstice palette and 7th Heaven masks! Fab list x


  3. Oh such a lovely post!
    Your pictures are lovely and so festive!

    Carly x

  4. That Urban decay palette is looking really good to me! I haven’t picked up Tanya’s book yet but I’ve heard raves about it

  5. The 7th heaven masks are my absolute favorite. But I also want to applaud you for your flatlay pictures. You did such a good job.

  6. I saw Tanya Burr on This Morning promoting her book, and it looks so much fun?! 🙊 I love how festive your favourites for last month are.. 😍

  7. This post is so cute and Christmassy! I really can’t wait to read my Tanya’s Christmas that’s waiting for me back home. Great Favourites xx

  8. Yes for uber festiveness - love this!


  9. I'm really enjoying Tanya's christmas book, it is so festive! x

  10. I've been trying to find some Christmas/Holiday reads so I need to pick up "Some Kind Of Wonderful"! I think I need to Tanya's book as well, I love baking especially at this time of the year. Also, the mug is so cute :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  11. Those boots are soo cute and I really need to get my hands on that Sleek palette, I've been eyeing it up for so long now! My best friend goes on about the Tanya Burr book, I'll have to give it a read!
    Alice Xx

  12. Such gorgeous festive photos! Some great looking things here which I'll have to check out!- x

  13. I absolutely LOVE the look of those boots - I've been wanting a pair like that for agessss

  14. Really cool post and I love your pics too!!

  15. Tanya's book looks amazing! I really want to get my hands on it. I also love the Sleek highlight palette! Great way to start Blogmas. Can't wait to read more!

    Julia xx


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