Spending over £600 in TOPSHOP!?

M Y     T O P S H O P   W I S H    L I S T

Hey Lovelies!

I hope you are all well!

Time for another Monday post, and today I'm mixing things up and sharing my current TOPSHOP wishlist. I usually do these monthly check out my last post here and there are so so many things I want this month; especially with the release of the CHRISTMAS products! So I thought it was about time I wrote another one. This also follows last nights online shopping, where I sat and put everything I was after in my basket, and it turns out it comes to almost £600!

I am waiting for the black Friday sales and my friends and family discount before I commit to buying anything, so expect a haul in the next few weeks after the damage is done!

I did buy a few bits in town today so I'll also do a mini haul at the end of this post!

I really hope you enjoy a sneak peak into my style, and I'd love you to comment below your favorite piece! I have also set up a TOPSHOP WISHLIST on my pintrest which you can follow to keep up to date with my constantly changing fashion lusts-also pleaseeee comment your pintrest pages below if you have them, I love following everyone over on there :)

Topshop Socks 

All these socks are 3 for £8 and £3.50 each-the Calvin Kleins' are £8 :)
Double bobble hat £14, Bobble Hat £14, Scarf Shoes £20, Beret £12, Shoes £26

Wrap £39, Cardi £42, Jumper £39, Grey Cardi £42

Coat £ , Knit £24, top £19, Sweat £35
£29, £29, £36
Playsuit:£39, Trousers: £42, Leggings: £26, Cardigan : £36

Haul Adidas, Steve Madden and Festive Wrapping Paper

I popped into TKMAXX today and found a few bargains that I had to share with you! I found these adidas trainers I've wanted for AGES for £30, A Steve Madden hat covered in stars...if you dont know I am kinda obsessed, and a dachshund print wrapping paper-possibly the cutest you will see this winter!  



  1. Ooh those socks!! The reindeer and the gingerbread man ones are ADORABLE! The jingle ladies ones made me giggle too. I'm totally in love with that gingham buckle skirt, would be so nice with tights and chunky boots!
    Alice Xx

  2. I absolutely love cute socks! You have wonderful taste. Those skirts are absolutely adorable too.

    1. thanks lovely! I know how cute are they! xx

  3. The socks may be my absolute favorite as well. But the sweaters you picked out are just as lovely.

  4. I love Christmas clothes and homeware items. They're just so cute. Adorable! I love the socks you included the most haha I don't know why because all the pieces are beautiful but my mind just keeps wanteding back to them socks!

    Julia xx

  5. I’m literally so in love with every single pair of the Christmas socks, I’m such a sucker for anything cosy and festive. I also love the denim skirt with the circle zip, I’m already picturing how many outfits I could make from it, such a good staple piece for your wardrobe. I could easily spend hundreds in Topshop! x

    Alice www.accordingtoalicex.com

  6. Omg those socks are so cute! I would be wearing those all of December if i could haha. I love all of the pieces you chose from TopShop and those trainers are really cute and such a bargain!

  7. Oh wow Emily, I am already in love with your style hahaha! Those jumpers look amazing (I really want to find some good deals on Black friday)... if only they weren't so expensive ☹

  8. Really good selection from Topshop and I can see why you have a huge wishlist :D

  9. So many pairs of Christmas socks?! 😍 TK Maxx have had some really gorgeous Steve Madden bits recently, they had some gorgeous sparkly heels the last time I visited, I’m a sucker for anything with a sparkle.. 🙊

  10. Oh my goodness the Christmas socks are so cute! Going to have to check these out!- https://sophiehearts.net x

  11. I would absolutely love to spend £600 or more on shopping! Great wishlist, I really love the grey cardigan and the socks are all cute!xxx

  12. I love your style and those shoes for £26 are so cute.

  13. A great wish list here! Some amazing items, can't believe that all is £600 though! The socks are all adorable! Very festive as well.

    Gemma | www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

  14. These are all cute items!! Seems a but expensive for my pockets though, but definitely great finds 💕

  15. Cute items ! love the socks im a sucker for any cosy or theme socks lol. Lovely gems youve found there :)

  16. All the socks are so cute! I actually have socks on my Christmas wishlist this year, especially fluffy ones as my feet get so cold during this time of year! I love all the jumpers as well :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin


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