Motivational Monday: A Guide to Not Giving Up

Hello Lovelies and welcome to this weeks Motivational Monday post.
This week I wanted to share my GUIDE on NOT GIVING UP when things get tough. 
We all face challenges at some point or other, and a scenario that will leave us with the decision...
Do I carry on or leave?

It's so important when you are feeling despondent to have steps in place to keep you going, so I have put together a guide you can refer back to if ever you are in need of some motivation to keep going, because trust me-YOU GOT THIS

1) Remember why you started. 
My number one and most important piece of advise-When you have been working at something for a while, and you aren't achieving as quickly as you might like to its easy to want to give up. DONT. Remember every small achievement you make is one step closer to your end goal. So remember that passion and drive you had at the beginning, feel that excitement again and crack on! 

2) Write out your goals-BIG and small 
Work towards small goals which will add up to a BIG achievement (I wrote a post on this recently which you can read to find out more IF YOU CAN DREAM IT YOU CAN DO IT)

3) Remember no mental state lasts forever
However you are feeling now, it will pass, you will move on and be able to reflect. When you achieve that end goal you will look back and be so glad you decided to continue and didn't give in to negative thinking. 

4) Look to others for inspiration
J.K.Rowling is a HUGE inspiration to me. She has done so incredibly well for herself out of nothing. I find this so encouraging as it just goes to show how when you dedicate yourself to your passion it can really pay off.


5) Don't compare yourself to others.
Its certainly important to have people who inspire you, but at the same time you should never compare what you are doing to someone else. You never know whats going on in their life and the grass will always look greener on the other side. So try to be content with what you are doing and where you are going.

I hope this post is an encouragement to anyone who feels like giving up on their dream. Its tough, but you can do it! I have faith in you <3



  1. This is such a lovely post! I definitely have those days where I'm like no I can't do this or this isn't for me but you just have to push yourself. If you don't push yourself you'll never achieve your dreams.

    Gemma |

  2. Comparing yourself to others is literally such a huge stealer of happiness for so many people! It's such a hard thing to stop doing when you're so used to it though haha, I really need to start writing out my goals too, I've heard so much about it helping with keeping you focused on them!
    Alice Xx

  3. What you say is so true! Mondays can be pretty hard to conquer but we all need the right motivation to start the week so I'm now writing my goals for the now month! Great post! xx

  4. What a lovely post and read to start of any week. But its true you we can only look ourselves and not compare and motivate ourselves to reach our goal.. easier said than done but a push is something we all need. thanks for sharing!

  5. What an inspirational post!! Such great reminder of why not to give up on your dream. There definitely are days where giving up seems like a logical choice....I agree that by adding up those small goals you can really tell how far you have come 🤗

  6. This was such an amazing post! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Your motivational Monday’s always seem to have advice that I need to hear! Number 3 is something I definitely need to remember, it’s important to remind myself it will be okay soon x


  8. This is great advice, I really need to stop comparing myself and my goals to other people's! It can get really depressing, I just need to focus on myself and my own achievements! Thanks for the post girl x

  9. Lovely post :) such a good idea to keep you motivated!!

  10. Great post hun! I definitely need to try and stop comparing myself to others. Sometimes I'm doing really well with that and others not really... for example recently I've not felt so great about my photography and I've been comparing it to everyone else's. I got a really lovely tweet about my photography which made me feel amazing so we should just try and start believing in ourselves more :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  11. Absolutely love this post. I agree with writing down goals! It makes you so much more motivated to get things done doesn’t it xx

  12. YAS! J K Rowling for the win. She is my biggest inspiration and I always look up to her. As I keep saying I love your Motivational Monday posts and they make my outlook so much more positive. Great job!

    Julia xx

  13. This post has made me feel so motivated! I love to write a list of things I need to do but never have I written a list of my goals and I am definitely going to write a list of my goals because I think the more I put them out there the more I’ll get things done!xx

  14. I love your motivation posts! I think in the midst of the craziness I forget why I started blogging but what a friendly reminder to keep in mind

  15. I don't care." Wow - you just sent a powerful apathetic and negative message, which probably will shut down further communications


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