Motivational Monday-Top Tips on Embracing Happiness

Lets talk failure, unexpected changes and plans that just dont go the way you hoped they would.

I've had personal experience of this many times and I dont think any human has ever gone through life without their plans going wrong and life taking them somewhere they weren't expecting from time to time.

As Robert Burns so aptly puts it

'The best made plans of mice and men often go awry

Essentially it doesn't matter how carefully we plan out every detail of our lives something is bound to happen at some point to upset them and to lead you down a different course.

It is how we deal with these setbacks and changes that develops us as individuals and shapes the people we become. Its very often easy to become withdrawn and introverted when our plan go wrong, its not unusual to feel hurt,lost confused. What this quote speaks in volume is to find happiness in even the smallest areas of your life. Embrace even the aspects that may seem insignificant, because in those moments of hardship and confusion it is these seemingly insignificant moments of joy that could keep you afloat and lead you back on track.

Please if you are at a period of life where you dont know which way to turn, dont beat yourself up worrying, be gentle with yourself and just remember to enjoy being. Whether that takes the form of a how bubbly bath on a rainy autumnal day, or a moment of peace admiring the beauty of golden leaves falling from the trees, or the feeling of endorphin's as you finish a difficult workout. Find those moments in your life and remember their value. These moments are just as important as the seemingly huge life decision you may have to make because at the end of the day its all time, and your far better using it to enjoy and admire life than to sit worrying about what should or could have been.

Happy Monday Lovelies and have an incredible week enjoying the smallest moments


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