WTF Friday Cullots and Trousers

When someone says the word culotte to me I just think back to my days as a brownie. Anyone else who like me was a proud brownie for most of their childhood will remember the beautiful brown culottes that we had to wear...I wasn't a fan then and NEVER did I think these alien shorts that looked like a skirt make it into fashion. BUT...this summer trousers and culottes are right on trend and I have to admit, its a trend I absolutely LOVE. 

Today I've scouted out my top three pieces from ZARA, let me know what you think! 

Zara is my no.1 go to for affordable fashion and they dont dissapoint on the trouser front. I recently bought a pair of 7/8th polkadot trousers in zara for just £10!! They have so many lovely pieces in there at the moment.

Which are you favourites?

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