Motivational Monday #7 Does Progression take Patience?

There are a few things I wanted to discuss in this weeks post that have come up over the last week, and I just wanted to see what other peoples thoughts were on them.

Initially I wanted to discuss progress. Often we think of progress as moving forward, getting closer to our goal and making an achievement. But what if this is just the end result?
Personally I think of progress as something that is ongoing and involves not just success but also failure. When you don't achieve you learn. All to often we dont try things for a fear of getting it wrong or failing, but this is all part of progression. We have to try things and then stick at them through failure, making those mistakes in order to move forward, to learn. We can then make changes, and try again. Its only after all this hard work that success can be achieved.

This links to the second point that I wanted to discuss in this blog post and that involves patience. This is the area where I really struggle. Im not scared of starting something new but I am impatient. I want to be the best at whatever I try straight away, I want to get stuck in and be succeeding. This isnt always possible and often we have to work hard for many years before we see any result. I will tend to want to give something up quickly, because I'm so keen to move onto the next idea in my head. Although its great to have a lot of goals and be keen to achieve them all sometimes success comes from patience and keeping going at one goal until its been achieved, through failure and success.

Do you take opportunities when they come or do you put them off because of a fear of failure preventing progression, or do you take that first step and then become impatient? I'd love to know people thoughts on these topics! Message me your thoughts +Emily Isobelle Jane or on facebook and let me know your thoughts!

Happy Monday Everyone <3


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