An Essential Guide To Dealing With Stress

Initial steps:

1. When you feel stressed, take a moment to breath
2. Pinch your fingers and repeat 'ive got this', 'i am strong', 'i am happy'
3. Remember no mental state is forever, we are constantly changing and the way you feel now will pass!

Steps for long term stress:

1.Ask for help, when we are stressed our mind become confused (watch this documentary by the BBC on the effects of stress) sometimes we dont see things so clearly and are thinking and rational become sluggish, therefore taking time to reason over anything that is causing you stress offers another persons opinion and helps you to slow down and form rational thoughts. 
2.Another way you can aid your thinking is by writing down your thoughts, this helps you you to declutter them and also form an action plan. 
3. See every moment as an opportunity to learn, learn how you deal with stress best, is it by taking time to exercise, doing colouring, playing a musical instrument? Find something you love and make sure it is a part of your everyday routine no matter how busy or drained you may feel, prioritising health is key!

With multiple exams, organising work and study at the moment, these are a few ideas I have found work to keep my stress under control, or at least help me deal with stress. I hope if anyone else is reading this and feeling any form of stress in their lives that it will be of some comfort and help!

Emily x

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