What Vegans Eat-Protein Packed Oreo Brownies

Often when people hear you dont eat animal products their first concern is your protein intake. With education in the variety of food out there that contains protein this has never been an issue for me and these brownies go to show why!

This plate of gooey chocolaty goodness is my protein packed peanut butter Oreo brownies! 🍫 they are @oreothins @trunutbutter powder coco powder and melted @greenandblacks chocolate! Only 36 calories a slice, high in protein, and completely vegan they are a fitness fans dream!

1.6g fat
4.7g carbs
1.7g protein

Green and Blacks cocoa powder-1.2tbsp
Tru-Nut powdered peanut butter-50g
4 oreo thin biscuits
tsp baking powder
Maya gold organic Dark chocolate Green and Blacks-20g 
100ml dark chocolate almond milk 

Pre heat the oven to 180c
Mix together the baking powder, peanut butter powder and cocoa powder
Melt the chocolate by placing in warm oven 
Stir in the chocolate milk to the dry ingredients, and mix until smooth
Add the melted chocolate to the mix and stir again
Finally crumble in your Oreo thins-I added 4 but feel free to add more!
Bake for 10 minutes and enjoy! 


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