Choose Happiness Motivational Monday #4

There are two quotes Im focusing on this week. It has been a particularly busy week and both seemed very appropriate.
So this quote is perfect for my motivational Monday post this week. The week has involved, moving house, cracking my ribs, revising for exams and writing my academic development. 
It hasn't been the easiest week of my life to say the least, but it has taught me so much about my own strength and also the strength and kindness of those around me. 
My parents have coped and led our house move with such calmness and enthusiasm it is truely inspiring. We have all only ever moved once and my brother and sister had never moved before so to say it was an adventure would be an understatement. I dont think any of us quite anticipated just how much packing was involved or just how much stuff we actually owned. 
It became even more of an adventure when on the morning of our move with only 4 hours sleep I managed to fall winding myself and cracking my ribs. My mum was onto NHS 111 straight away despite our desperate packing situation! My sister was the next Savior and kindly offered to come to UTC with me in the ambulance so I wouldn't have to go by myself. From this experience I not only learnt that my sister is a star but also that in order to be a good nurse I should never leave a patient to struggle (we were just watched by my nurse as my sister tried to move the wheelchair with the breaks on, and then struggled to get my coat off me due to my lack of movement!)
I then learnt that I have the best, best friend on the planet; who came out to get me from hospital, lent me clothes and let me stay at her house, even though it was her birthday and she had places to be!

I often find it very easy to look at what other people have and want it for myself, forgetting all the amazing components of my own life. I think it so important whenever I see someone achieving something that I want, to remember I can achieve just as much as they have and that I should feel pleased for them and to use them as inspiration to reach my own goals. This gives me confidence to achieve and also allows me to practice compassion which I believe is highly important. Jealousy is such a soul destroying emotion that often leaves upset, replacing that feeling with one of happiness for the person and aspiration for yourself is so much more positive in so many ways. I would advise anyone who feels like they want something someone else has to switch to this way of thinking! 
It is also important to consider that they will have had their own adventures and learning experiences to get to that point, that you may not know about, therefore remember that the grass is always greener on the other side and that although things may look great for someone else it doesn't always mean they feel great or that it wasn't tough for them to get to that position. 

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