Who do you wear make up for? Motivational Monday #3

The other day I was watching this video by Zanna Van Dijk and honestly if you havent checked out her videos then you need to they are amazing! In the video Zanna was talking about learning to love herself and finally feeling like she doesnt need to wear make up which I think is so important for us girls in modern society...we should never feel like we have to wear make-up!

This then got me thinking about why I wear make up and furthermore, who I wear make up for. I concluded that the reason I wear make-up is that it makes me feel good. I am obsessed with finding new brands and products and finding new ways of doing my make up, (reducing the amount of brands that test on animals in my collection, is a huge one for me right now). I feel ready for the day when I have applied make-up and a red lip always makes me feel like I can conquer the world. 

However, I feel just as comfortable when I am not wearing make-up I will happily go for a run with no make up on my face what so ever and then go shopping afterwards, just as if its a sunday and I need something from the shop for one of my Sunday bakes I will happily walk up to the shop with no make up. I have no worries letting people in my flat see me with no make up on at night and in the mornings either.
I feel that wearing make-up in this way is healthy for me (and im in no way suggesting that my way is the best way). I feel happy that without thinking about it I wear make up for myself and no one else because I enjoy the process of choosing the products and playing with looks.
I definitely wasnt always this confident and used to wear concealer over any blemish when I was younger and apply a small amount of mascara, even going to the gym, as I didnt feel I looked old enough and wanted to look grown up. 
After many years of people exclaiming over the fact I look about 8 years younger than I actually am I am totally used to this now and really couldn't care less! 

 I would be really interested to hear other peoples thoughts on this matter and to motivate you to consider: why do you wear make up or not wear make up, and who do you wear it for?


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