Motivational Monday #2

How is it monday again?

I feel like the weeks go by at the speed of light nowadays, gone are the weeks of my childhood where the days would drag on and a week felt like an eternity.

For todays motivational monday post I wanted to write about self love. I'm at a time in my life where everything is extremely busy and I forget that I need to take a few minutes out each day for myself and my health.

I was thinking whilst blow drying my you do, that as a society we constantly look to others for reassurance and recognition; likes on an instagram, likes on FB, retweets on twitter, views on snapchat. We are bombarded by other peoples opinions of our lives everyday, its unavoidable and we live in a society that dictates that it is the amount of likes we get the defines us and our self worth.


You dont get a like, for stopping and holding the door for another when their hands are full of shopping. You dont get a retweet everytime you compliment someone on their outfit and make their day. And you dont get a view everytime you take part in a charity event raising money for an amazing cause. We dont need to look to others to recoginse our self worth, we need to set ourselves goals and have confidence in ourselves to be able to achieve these and know that we have. Dont look to others for recognition, love yourself and know your self worth. Once you do this you will beam confidence and feel great. So take time out everyday to learn to love yourself that little bit more, without worrying what the rest of the world is thinking and doing. 

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