Motivational Monday #1

So for tonights post I decided I'm going to start a new series.

 I love scrolling through my pintrest and finding motivational quotes. They often get me thinking and give me the boost I need to keep going at life and giving it my all. Today I just wanted to share one quote with you all, its one that is particularly relevant in my life at the moment and I thought it was apt to share it.

At 21/22 myself and my friends are all at an age where we are just coming into adulthood, we have to adapt to new responsibilities, juggle work and socialising and find a successful relationship. Not only this but many of us also have other struggles in our lives that may be health/family or work related. To look at us no one would know that we were dealing with these but they affect us everyday and the way in which we cope with situations and our environment. Just because you cant see what a person is dealing with doesn't give you the right to loose patients with that person or judge them. Always treat people with compassion and kindness and never assume you know everything that is going on in a persons life, don't brandish someone with a label based on how they act as you dont know the reason why a person is acting that way. Instead I feel we should all offer kindness and try and support each other no matter how difficult that may be when a person isn't acting the way you would like or expect. I hope this quote makes you think, just as it made me think. 
Have an amazing week.



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