Essential Guide to Balancing Health, Fitness, and Study.

Exam season is here again, and boy is it stressful. I can feel the tension beginning to mount and the tiredness kicking in, and I'm sure many people are feeling the same way up and down the country.  As the workload mounts the time we have to dedicate to the things we love begins to decrease.
This is where priorities come in. Its so so important to remember what your priorities are through this exam time and to make sure that you meet them.

Step 1:
Make a list of your priorities; this should include your work, health, down time and other obligations such as work. 
Step 2: 
Order these in terms of importance, and remember when doing this your long term goals as well as short term.
Step 3:
Create a timetable that reflects all the aspects that you have written down and the amount of time you can realistically give to each task.

Balancing Health and Wellbeing with Study:

I Love health, fitness and healthy eating, its my passion. I am constantly thinking about how I can improve my body, my mind and what new recipes I can create in order to do this. However, realistically whilst studying I cant focus as much as I would like to on getting the physique I am after and creating recipes. My number 1 priority is my studying and my grades. I am a huge snacker when it comes to revision and so I am inevitably going to eat more during this time. I also hate being sat down for long periods of time and love working out however I don't have the time to take hours out of my day getting ready for workouts doing the workout showering and then studying. 
Therefore here's what I do to make sure my mind stays happy and healthy and I get my work done.
1)Snacks are a life saver! I dont eat large meals during exam period as I will inevitably snack anyway. Having gastro-Paresis means I struggle with large meals anyway, so instead I make sure I'm eating around 5 smaller meals and 4 snacks in between. This means I never feel hungry and can completely focus on my work. 
2) Forget Macros and physique and eat what your body needs. There is no point starving your body of what it needs worrying about macros when at the end of the day you wont be able to focus on your work and instead you just sit there thinking about food. You have the rest of your life to get your macros and body back to the way you feel happiest but you only get one shot at your exams. Feed your body and ace those exams!!
3) Keep your food healthy! If you are craving biscuits make them at home so you know they only have the best ingredients in them! Eat cut up fruit and veggies and make lunch the night before to take with you to study so you aren't tempted to buy something unhealthy that will make your head groggy whilst you're trying to work!
4)Stay Hydrated!
I incorporate short 10 minute breaks into my study, where I walk around and get some fresh air (if I'm at the library) if at home then I will do one of Lucy Wyndham-Reads HIIT work outs in my break, following the low intensity version so I get in some exercise but it isnt compromising my work. 
Its so important to stay mindful throughout exam season. Know when you are too tired and not being productive and do something you enjoy to relax, reschedule that study space into another period where you had given time to relax. 
"1 hour of productive study is so much better than 5 hours of unproductive study"
Don't waste time staring at a page, remove the pressure from yourself and your mind will remain clearer and better ready to absorb the information, when you are focused. 


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