Are You Empowered?

Being a strong and independent woman is something I have always strived to achieve. I feel that we should be proud of who we are and our achievements, no matter how big or small we may perceive them to be. Now in my 20's I finally feel comfortable in myself and I no longer feel I need to act like others to fit in I am myself and if you like it thats great if not then I'm not going to apologies for who I am.

However, I never feel like I can meet my own expectations. Rather than be proud of what I have achieved, I am constantly beating myself up for the things I havent yet been able to do. Yesterday was international womens day and so I watched this video by Louise Pentland AKA Sprinkleofglitter and I would highly recommend you go and watch it! It really got me thinking about why I am always so harsh on myself, and that I should start remembering all the things I have been able to achieve rather than those that I currently havent.

I have a board of these quotes on my pintrest and I would love it if you checked it out.
I think its so important that we dont look at what others have and feel like we are inferior or that we arent as good as them...this isnt the case. We are all individuals and its really important we take other peoples achievements and use them to inspire us to do our best to achieve, and not let them make us feel like failures or to feel jealous! If they can do it so can you!

I thought I would take this opportunity to list out my current achievements that I should be proud of followed by a list of my dream achievements for the future, some of them may be a very long way in the future!

I am a loving older Sister.
I have taught myself a-level biology in 8 months.
I have taken the huge decision to change direction, to follow my dream career.
I have organised multiple successful charity events.
I am non judgemental, kind and compassionate.
I am comfortable in myself.
I will always look for the good in people.
I have inspired others to do things they were scared of.

To be a home owner.
To start a family.
To grow my blog.
To empower others.
To be kind and compassionate in my career.
To start a business.
To write a book.

Please comment on this post with a couple of achievements and dreams you have. Lets build each other up.

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