Are we our own worst enemies, or our own best friends?

Today someone told me they 'were their own worst enemy' and this got me thinking.

We live in a society where we are always comparing ourselves to others as I have mentioned in my previous posts. We have learnt to rely on others to deliver positive affirmations to us, and we have been taught to play down any form of compliment for fear as coming off big headed or too full of ourselves.

This is clearly something everyone wants to avoid, however we dont have to talk ourselves down in order to do that! As soon as you begin talking yourself down it spirals into a habit that becomes a self inflicted prophecy that you end up believing. But how can you prevent this from happening, and how can you get out of this cycle?

It all starts with thinking patterns
If you are already in a negative cycle then as soon as you think something negative you have to counter it with something positive. After doing this for 20 days...thats how long it is suggested it takes to learn a new routine/habit, this will become affirmed. The more you think negatively the more positive thoughts will just naturally follow, until you begin believing the positives. Once you have over come this you have to affirm the positives:
Tell them to yourself without a negative. 
Write them down. 
Do this even if you dont believe them trust me one day you will!

'Remember life is more than fitting in your jeans'-Ed Sheeran
I love Ed Sheeran and this is so true, who cares about what you look like focus on personal goals and traits that you love, set yourself goals and targets that arent visual, tell yourself about how you like a part of your personality, or set an aim to be more self-less, more helpful. Just thinking and following these actions will make you feel better about yourself. 
Confidence and Kindness shine through, you look incredible if you are being the kindest version of you you can be :) 

Find something you love and work hard at it every spare minute of the day.

Set your self targets for exercise!
Exercise is an amazing thing. Not only does it release endorphin's making you feel great but it also makes you feel better about your body. Dont worry about aesthetics just try and be the healthiest version of you you can be, eating as well as you can 80% of the time and focusing on finding a form of exercise you love! (I'm a massive fan of walking!) 


these are just my own thoughts, and I'd love to hear what other people think about it 

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