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Motivational Monday-The Importance of Following Your Heart

Happy Monday lovelies!

Hope everyone has had a fab week?

Firstly, can we talk about how weird the weather was in the UK today...
I was in BRIGHTON with my friends this morning when we got a message from Bath where the red sky hit first. Laughing at the random OMG the sun is ORANGE, WHATS GOING ON!? messages-we were thinking yup the sun has always been orange 'that is a thing...'
I was on the train home when I actually noticed that the sky genuinely was really weird, like something out of an Apocalypse, or a sunset gone wrong.
So I took this picture on my walk home at 2 PM, to try and capture the uniqueness of it all, it looks as though the sun is setting in the evening!


The point of today's post is to remind everyone to follow their hearts. SO often, we are following our heads, logic, or what other people believe is right without us realising, which can lead us into areas of life that maybe our hearts just arent in.

Sometimes, a path can be right for a while, but…

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